Di Jin

I am a recent Ph.D. graduate from CSAIL at MIT. I will be a Applied Research Scientist at Amazon Alexa AI, working on dialogue systems.

Di Jin

3320 Montgomery Dr · Santa Clara, CA 95054 · (617) 710-6221 · jindi15@mit.edu, jindi930617@gmail.com

Make Impacts to the World

I am Di. I recently graduated from CSAIL at MIT, supervised by Prof. Peter Szolovits at the Clinical Decision Making Group. I will soon join Amazon Alexa AI, working as a Research Scientist with Dilek Hakkani-Tur on dialogue systems.

My research has been focusing on Natural Language Processing (NLP), mainly on transfer learning, adversarial robustness, and stylistic text generation. Past projects during Ph.D. life cover a wide range of NLP tasks, such as question answering, sequence labeling, text classification, text generation, and relation extraction.

Welcome to contact me and discuss any possible research collaborations!

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